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How Aestheti.Bot Works Under The Hood?

Aestheti.Bot’s AI tailors conversations to a patient's exact needs.

 Powered by Machine Learning 
  & Natural Language Processing 

Aestheti.Bot is designed to respond like

a real person, expertise included.

 How We Do It 

 Step 1 


Proactive chatbot placement turns a home page into a sales page.

 Step 2 


Aestheti.Bot listens to what users need, and tailors responses to their requests.

 Step 3 


Captures 85% of all emails of its users, ensuring your staff can reach the most interested patients.

 What It Means For You 

  • More Leads Weekly - Delivered to your Inbox or available for Export. Clients receive an average of 200 unique, qualified leads per month!

  • Revenue Boosts - Clients experience an average of increased revenue by $80,000 or more.

 Optimize Success by Connecting 
  Aestheti.Bot, EHR & LMS Systems 

Integrated with some of the most popular

software in Plastic Surgery: 

 ModMed  Symplast  •  MyMedLeds 

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