"Alexa,  who is the best plastic surgeon in...." 
Consider The Facts
  • By 2022, voice search will overtake any typed search your potential patients are currently doing. 

  • Bots provide automatic, immediate voice and text replies to user queries,  24/7. 

  • Artificial Intelligence will be playing an ever increasing role in our lives. 

Consider The Opportunity

Remember 25 years ago when you had the chance to get any .com you could get? Or maybe you recall not being able to get the one you wanted.  Well, now you have that chance for your .bot name.  

.bot is a domain offered by Amazon for a limited time, exclusively to sites that can prove they have a dedicated  bot associated with them.  Since voice user interface (VUI)  is key for the successful growth and continued seamless integration of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri into our lives, homes and cars, they will preferentially link to and promote those sites/bots/practices that have dedicated voice user interfaces.

How will Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri find your bot?  How will you promote your practice in the age of voice search?  

(Geek speak for a moment:  Amazon requires you to submit your bot agent's unique client access token  before approving the domain name.  You can't just buy these .bot domains on go-daddy.com)

Secure your domain names (if still available)  to use with your own bot, or, when Aestheti.bot, our fully customizable and content rich bot specifically made for the aesthetic medical industry, comes out of beta testing. 

Getting your domain name is the first step. Adopting your unique bot is the second.

Click below and secure your domain in the era of voice search while they are still available.

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