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15 Questions to Ask When Getting an Aesthetics Industry AI Chatbot

Are you getting ready to setup your very first chatbot? Here are 15 key questions that you should ask when getting an aesthetics industry AI chatbot.

Chatbot market trends show almost 40% of internet users prefer using AI chatbot tools. The numbers will continue to grow as users prefer interaction with an AI system, rather than a call or email.

AI (artificial intelligence) is not quite up to the standard of human interaction yet. But there are many things you can do with an AI chatbot system. An automated chatbot system can cut down the number of inquiries for general information and give you the time to focus on booking clients.

Consider the below questions when looking into using an AI chatbot on your website.

1. Who Are My AI Chatbot Users?

Your clientele and potential clients of aesthetic medicine will be your users. If they are female and aged between 30-65, then you need to aim your chatbot at them. Research the benefits of a chatbot and trial it and see how your clients interact with the system.

2. Will the Chatbot Benefit My Business?

Incorporating chatbots into your business will offer easily accessible information and pricing to your clients. You can capture their contact details and follow up, answer questions the chatbot did not cover, and give them a more tailored approach to their needs.

It's important to understand how it can benefit you and your business. Think of the money you can save on employees and how many more clients will want to know more.

3. What Purpose Will My Chatbot System Have?

Your medical chatbot can offer a multitude of features, but you need to decide what your end goal is with each client contact. Do you want to capture contact details? Are you looking to reduce the number of general queries through your business?

These are going to determine how successful your AI chatbot is and having a plan for your chatbot will help your business expand. You want to be on top of the aesthetics industry.

4. Do I Have the Time to Build One?

Building and maintaining an artificial intelligence system is very time-consuming. You can hire someone to create the basics, but you will need to invest your knowledge in it.

Sparing a couple of hours a day will help you get it off the ground quicker, but can you maintain the system? You need to see how an AI chatbot works before you agree to include one on your website.

5. What Can I Get Out of an AI System?

Along with answering questions and capturing details, there are many things you can get out of your AI chatbot system.

You can generate lead reports that can help you build a stronger client base. Google sheets and excel weekly reports help you identify behavior and interactions.

There are integrated email notifications so you can see in real-time when you have clients interacting with your system. Then you will receive details of their name, email, and contact number to reach out to them directly.

6. How Do I Structure the Chat Flow?

When potential clients use a chatbot system, they have a query in mind or need a specific piece of information. You want to consider how you introduce your practice to your clients and how to answer them.

This is a great opportunity to advertise your services and experience here. You will have over 10,000 pre-loaded bot responses used to help you structure your system.

7. Can I Build a Successful Knowledgebase?

Write out information for every aspect of your business. Detail the procedures and give information on how long it can take to recover. Continue to add to it over time, with new procedures or adding more information.

Ask your clients for thoughts on how they feel about an AI chatbot. They will be the ones using the system and their feedback is valuable. They can provide ideas of what they would ask and what information they seek.

8. What Questions Will My Chatbot Need to Answer?

A client will ask questions about recovery time, costs, and information about procedures. They will also ask for information on the business and how long the procedure will take. You can offer your expertise in the procedures you provide.

Consider the questions you get in consultations and keep a note of them all. These are going to be the questions they ask your AI chatbot system.

9. What Information Can My Chatbot Provide?

Your chatbot system can capture a lot of information, such as contact details and further information the client wishes to know. Appointments and bookings can be performed through the chatbot. The client can self-manage their appointments and send their details directly to you.

10. Am I Able to Customize It to My Business?

From color schemes to the information they provide, you can customize it to benefit your needs. It's a good idea to use a demo and see whether it works for you.

You can customize the welcome prompts and use the easy-to-manage portal. There is the option to use the support function to get further help.

11. Can the AI Chatbot Be Cross-Platformed?

Some chatbot systems are fully integrated with Facebook and Instagram. This is a great way to get more clients engaged in your business if you are on social media. Social media is also a great way to find new clients.

12. Can I Upkeep a Chatbot and Knowledgebase?

You want to make sure you have a system you can use and update as needed. When you add new procedures or update aspects of your business, you need to reflect this on your chatbot too.

A friendly management portal will make the process smooth and seamless for you. This is really important when finding a chatbot for your website.

13. Can I Afford a Chatbot?

Costs will vary for the base system, then you need to consider the running costs going forward. You will need to use someone to maintain and update the system.

You can contact them through the responses you receive from potential clients. Look at the costs for a chatbot before you agree to install one.

14. How Will The Chatbot Be Activated?

When a client visits your site, you want them to use the chatbot. The chatbot can pop up in the corner, have an icon, or fill the screen. Some clients may not like a full-screen pop-up and find it invasive.

Try a few different ways and research which you like and ask your clients how they interact with it. Feedback is always important.

15. Where Can I Find a Chatbot System?

You can find the best chatbot by taking some time and trying out the different features that are offered to you. Ask the right questions and make sure they can be included on your website with no issues.

You can visit here to find out more information and try out a demo for free. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about an AI chatbot.

When working in the aesthetics industry, you want to come out on top of having a user-friendly website and an AI chatbot system that is easy to use and offers an excellent service to your clients.

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