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How To Choose the Best AI Chatbot for Your Aesthetic Medical Practice

Are you wondering how to choose the best AI chatbot for your aesthetic medical practice? Keep reading and learn more here.

Did you know that chatbots are poised to handle 75-90% of healthcare and banking queries by 2022? Not only that but 87.2% of customers who interacted with an AI chatbot online had a positive or neutral experience with it.

Noticed the growth of AI chatbots in the aesthetic industry and wondered if it would be a good idea to choose one for your practice? There are many advantages to supplementing your current sales and customer service team by using AI chatbots. Learn how to choose the best AI chatbot for you by reading below.

Choose a Conversational AI Chatbot for Your Medical Practice

The main reason you would get an AI chatbot for your aesthetic medical practice is to ensure all your potential leads' questions are answered. Even when there is no customer service agent at hand to answer them.

Many people probably visit your website looking for information and end up with more questions than answers. Despite how well your website is set up, this might be the case.

That's why it's a great idea to have a conversational AI chatbot in place to answer all those questions conversationally. You don't want a chatbot to come across as robotic, right?

It's easy enough to set up an AI chatbot so it asks and answers questions. And comes across as warm and friendly to the customers or potential leads chatting with it.

AI Chatbots Can Integrate With Many Other Platforms

If you use Salesforce or some other CRM platform to track potential leads, your AI chatbot can integrate with it. This ensures that no conversation or interaction with a client or potential lead is ever lost to the wind. Everything is recorded and integrated, giving you a clear line of evidence from the first point of contact to the final one.

AI chatbots can also gather information on your behalf. This could be as simple as an email address which you can use later to communicate with and sell to the lead. Or, it could be information on what kind of service they are searching for and how soon are they looking to get plastic surgery done.

This is gold that your sales team can sift through to increase sales and improve your bottom line.

You Can Also Use Your Chatbot AI on Many Channels

If you were thinking that the only way to use an AI chatbot is on your plastic surgery website, then you are sorely mistaken. Nowadays, AI chatbots are much more advanced than that and can be used across a wide variety of channels, like on your social media channels.

Maybe you have a huge following on Instagram or Facebook and you wish you could take advantage of that following in a more substantial fashion. Using AI chatbots, you can answer all questions your followers might have, and get them even more engaged in your brand and products.

It takes about 7 touches (the Rule of 7) before a potential lead decides to purchase. You can use an AI chatbot and your social media channels to increase touchpoints exponentially.

Always Supplement Your AI Chatbot Online Using Live Agents

One thing you need to understand is that your AI chatbot will NOT replace your live customer service agents. But if they are overworked, overextended, and overscheduled, or they are not around 24/7, then an AI chatbot online can act as that supplementary customer service touchpoint.

Also, if your chatbot gets overwhelmed by the question or isn't able to satisfactorily answer your potential leads' questions (and there will be a button for that in the chat), then a live agent can be engaged instantly.

This way you don't need to fear that you are going to lose out on potential leads because your AI chatbot was inadequately prepared for their queries. Also, you can use all questions that arise from such conversations as fuel for future conversations, setting up even better chatbot responses, and improving your chatbot's service.

Help Your Sales Channel Out by Using AI Chatbots

The main role of your chatbot is to supplement (not hinder or replace) your sales and customer service teams. Everything the chatbot does will be transmitted to your CRM system. Thus, it will be available for your sales team to use in future conversations.

Let's see an example. Imagine a potential lead comes to your website enquiring about getting plastic surgery on a particular body part. They click on the chatbot and get conversing with it, asking it questions about pricing, timelines, recovery, and more.

If the chatbot was able to answer all questions satisfactorily, then the lead might pick up the phone or set up an appointment directly with the chatbot. That's an ideal scenario.

On the other hand, if the chatbot wasn't able to answer some questions, it can refer the lead to a customer service rep to chat on the phone. Or a live agent can drop in instantaneously to the chat.

Furthermore, if the lead is interested, but doesn't set up an appointment, then a salesperson can contact the lead enquiring if their circumstances have changed.

As you can see, this completes the loop for your business where your chatbot is merely the starting point of a long and profitable journey with your potential lead.

The Best AI Chatbot Is Waiting to Assist Your Business

The world is changing rapidly and previous measures to entice potential clients aren't going to be as effective anymore.

That's why using chatbots is so paramount for your aesthetic medical practice.

Let Aestheti.Bot help you find the best AI chatbot for your business and get your customer service to the next level.

We have a 1-month free trial which you can use to see if chatbots are really for your business or not. Contact us to set up a free demo today!

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