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How A Chatbot Can Transform an Industry

Dr. Philip J. Miller has spent the last two years working to create a chatbot that capitalizes on the intersection between medicine and technology

Capitalizing on Opportunity

Dr. Miller came to the Medical Tech startup world armed with decades of data, research, information and experience. Having spent his entire career charting new paths in the medical aesthetics industry, Dr. Miller noticed an opportunity to transform the medical communications space to keep Aesthetic Medicine in the forefront of technological innovation.

In his words, "There’s no reason patients have to wait for someone to get back in touch with them. A chatbot is the best means to help patients get the answers they need immediately...The aesthetics industry tends to be at the forefront of tech innovation and improving and enhancing the patient experience. The general medical community may not be thinking about it at this point, but the aesthetics industry is. That’s why we built”

Based in Real Practice Needs

According to Dr. Miller's experience, his staff spends 90% of their office time answering FAQs and scheduling routine consultations and appointments. All this time spent on the phone could be better suited to doing what they were trained and hired to do - care for and support patients in person!

The need was clear, and we built our Aestheti.Bot to fill that need.

But we didn't stop there. Not only does Aestheti.Bot do the 3-6 hours of scheduling that office staff would normally handle but it's also a lead generation tool. Aestheti.Bot was built to handle questions and general patient requests. Each time it does that, it collects first names and emails for each user that uses the bot on practice website. And every name, email and request is sent to the practice to make sure they can add names to their email marketing lists.

The Aestheti.Bot Difference

What makes our bot different from some of the other popular medical tools in the industry, is that we've capitalized on the immense expertise of Dr. Miller, devoted time and energy to crafting a team of experts, and created the only chatbot with a focus on one singular industry - medical aesthetics.

All that adds up to tens of thousands of pre-programmed, fully customizable, responses. 24/7 instantaneous response generation, and a remarkable Natural Language Processing code base to find the perfect match between industry knowledge, patient care, customer service, accuracy and practice flexibility.

But don't take our word for it, check out our website for client testimonials, and our Instagram to see some of the most exciting articles published about our cutting edge tech!

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