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Implementing an AI Chatbot Into an Aesthetic Medicine Marketing Funnel

Do you want to use your AI chatbot as your top-of-the-funnel component? Here's how you can take your aesthetic medicine marketing funnel to the next level.

The aesthetic medicine industry is sitting pretty on growth of up to one billion dollars per year.

More individuals want to have aesthetic procedures done. Capitalizing on that interest is of great benefit to your business. A medical chatbot can be the difference between a year of growth or a year of stagnation.

If you are seeking to grow your customer base, implementing a chatbot can be of great assistance. But how can these chatbots make a difference? What is the best way to add a medical chatbot to your company's marketing efforts?

In this article, we will explore the benefits of a chatbot, the best chatbot for your company, and ways to implement the right chatbot. Read on for more information.

What Does a Chatbot Do?

Chatbots are already common on plenty of websites, regardless of industry. And they are growing to be ever more popular as companies are reaping the benefits of these applications.

At its most basic level, a chatbot allows a customer to communicate with your company through an easy, near-instant platform. Your customer does not have to send emails or make phone calls. Instead, customers who use a company's chatbot are able to connect with your company and get quick answers to questions.

The technology of chatbots is ever-evolving. Options were limited in the past, but chatbots these days are capable of a variety of tasks.

AI-powered chatbots are continually learning how to answer questions and can guide your customers through the sales funnel with very little human oversight.

For a personal touch, chatbot applications are customizable to always connect with your office staff or a chat center.

How Does a Medical Chatbot Push Customers Down Your Sales Funnel?

Maintaining a database of answers is a great way to answer your customers' questions. But chatbots can play a role in so much more.

Imagine this scenario: A customer is on your website, curious about aesthetic medicine procedures, and they have specific questions about recovery time. A general FAQ is a fabulous way to give them answers, but they want to know how much time they need to take off work, or if they will need physical assistance. They type their question into your site's chatbot.

AI-powered chat intelligence begins the conversation with them. The machine learning built into the chat system allows your customer to get the answer they are seeking without having to schedule a consultation, wait for an email response, or pick up the phone.

While this may seem counterintuitive, providing answers quickly actually works well. A customer who has had a positive experience with your medical chatbot is likely to come back to your website when they have more questions. And when they are ready to schedule a consultation, providing a simple way to do that through your website or chat makes it much easier for your new customer.

Ways Aesthetic Medicine Can Benefit from a Chatbot

The aesthetic industry is teeming with complex procedures. Rightfully, your customers may experience nerves or hesitation. But by providing clear, concise information, you can help soothe fears before a customer even steps into your office.

Likewise, utilizing a chatbot with your office staff can make booking appointments a breeze for customers. If a customer is on your site and decides to book a consultation for more information, being able to do so quickly and easily through your site leads to a great experience. You are not forcing them off your site to make a phone call, and the convenience cannot be overstated.

Plus, the design of a medical chatbot is such that these apps are collecting data on potential customers. There is no easier way to capture sales leads than allowing a chatbot to do the work for you. Once you have a list of qualified leads, it is simply a matter of connecting with these customers.

Technology is the future, and implementing technology in such a way to make the sales experience easier for your customer can be of great benefit to your company.

By installing a chatbot onto your website, you are making it much easier for your customers to connect with you before they are even your customers!

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Chatbot

An estimated sixty-seven percent of customers use chatbots each year. This percentage is only expected to increase as consumers become more comfortable with technology and demand an easy web browsing experience.

The best way to ensure that your medical chatbot is working the best it can for your customers is to regularly test it. It only takes a few minutes to strike up a conversation with your bot, and the feedback from the experience will be invaluable to you when it comes to improving the customer experience.

It also helps to regularly research what other aesthetic medicine companies are doing with their bots. Keeping up with competition not only allows you to improve your customer experience. It allows your company to stay on top of mind for the consumer.

Plus, if a competitor is using a chatbot with some really cool features, it may inspire your company to try something similar.

The Best Chatbot for the Medical Aesthetic Industry

Chatbots are not going away anytime soon. And that is a good thing. Embracing new technology in the aesthetic medicine industry will allow customers to have the best experience they can, and your company to reap the rewards.

At, we are passionate about technology and its solutions. was developed as a missing piece to the aesthetics industry. This industry-specific chatbot allows medical professionals to reap the benefits of chatbots in a way that is specific to the industry.

Ready to explore what we have to offer? We are excited to show you what can do for your company.

Do not hesitate. Contact us today to book a free demo, or send us your questions.

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